Chinese Wish Lanterns Welcomes 2010

Chinese Lanterns Jan 04Another year is behind is, who can believe it’s already 2010? It seems as though it was just yesterday we were all grooving to Prince’s party anthem “Party like it’s 1999”. What better way to see in the New Year than with a mass release of Chinese Lanterns!

Each team member from Chinese Wish Lanterns took sky lanterns to the parties they each attended and released them as the clock struck twelve. It was a sight to behold! Imagine seeing the skies filled with lanterns as party goers dance below them.

New Year’s Eve is a celebration of the year behind us as well as the chance to reflect on the year that was and make plans for the year ahead. What’s your new year’s resolution? Maybe it’s to loose weight or perhaps to stop smoking? They are the top two New Year’s resolutions made by Americans each year. Other resolutions include to quit drinking, get out of debt, make more time for family and friends and to find true love. Not sure how you can try and find true love as a resolution!?

One may argue the top 5 resolutions in America may seem a bit ambitious for most, so maybe we should stick to more simple resolutions like Britney Spears did. Apparently her new year’s resolution was to stop biting her fingernails!


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  1. pillowcase pillowcase says:

    I think the tradition is beautiful ~

    I’m glad that many other people have used the wish lanterns all across the world C:

    I wish i were there to experience it D:

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